4 Things to Consider When Buying a Compound Bow

For a hunter like myself, finding the perfect bow is a necessity. The quality of my bow can change my day out in the woods from exciting and fun to stressful and miserable very easily. I need a bow that is fast and smooth when I shoot it so I can hit my target. It needs to be quiet enough to sneak up on close up prey. I want my bow to be durable and last through years of hunting trips and not drain my bank account when purchasing it.

After shopping for bows for many years, I have decided to make a list of features and things to look for in a bow before purchasing it. If you find a compound bow and it fits all of my criteria then I consider it a winner.

  1. Lightweight: The last thing you need to happen while out hunting for a few a days is to become fatigued from carrying around your compound bow. A bow that weighs about 7 pounds is considered lightweight but still durable. For females or children looking for a bow 4 pounds is an ideal weight.
  2. Easy to draw: This factor can vary on your strength, but you don’t need to prove your strength by carrying around a bow that few can even draw back to shoot. I like to look forward to shooting my bow, not feel like it is a dreaded workout. If you are a beginner you want a bow that doesn’t take too much strength to shoot as you should be focusing more on your aim and form.
  3. What it’s made of: Check what the bow you are looking into is made of and do some research on bows with that material. I have enjoyed my bows that are made from different types of aluminum. This material is strong and tend to not weigh much either.
  4. Read the reviews: Look through the reviews and look for comments about accuracy, people agreeing it is quiet and fast, and the quality. It is important to remember that an item doesn’t have to have all 5 star reviews to be a good product, there is a lot of personal preference that goes into finding the perfect bow.

Once you find some bows that fit this criteria it is a great idea to go to a hunting or outdoors store that has compound bows and look at them there. Find out the difference of a compound bow from a recurve bow as well. Usually these stores will let you pick them up and draw them back. You can’t feel how a compound bow feels in your arms by browsing online and with all the great bow options out there sometimes you just have to pick one up and see which one is the perfect fit.