A Good Core Workout for Karine Vanasse

workoutTo actresses like Karine Vanesse, it’s very important to stay fit to land major roles and up their career. Staying fit doesn’t need to be a boring task that you don’t want to be doing at all. There are many ways to get creative in getting fit so that you can enjoy it and let time pass by without being tired. The most popular way to stay fit and lose weight is by enrolling yourself in a gym. Once you are enrolled in a gym, you will have a wide array of equipments to choose from. The most popular gym equipment is the treadmill. It’s one of the easiest exercise machine to use so good treadmill machines should be a top choice if you want to work out.

A rowing machine lets you have a low-impact workout and offers a great cardio workout as well as tones different muscles in the body. A study from the American College of Sports medicine, the exercise from rowing comes from when you use your lower and upper body muscles. A regular workout of rowing will help you develop your muscles and endurance in the major muscles of the body.


The back muscles are the most targeted part of the rowing machine. Specifically the rhomboids, trapezius and latissimus muscles. The first two work together to retract and stabilize the shoulder blades as you move. The latissimus muscle is one that plays a very important role in helping you bring your arm down when you do a power stroke like when you are swimming or rowing.


The area around the arm is very much used in rowing. The posterior deltoid muscles are used and worked on together with the back muscles for the rowing motion to be completed. Along with these major muscles, the biceps and forearms are also worked on in each rowing motion and arm flexing movement.


As long as you are using the proper rowing form, this means your core is engaged during the whole workout. The abdominal muscles are important in making powerful movements that rowing requires and is also the main component in keeping your upper and lower body complete a fluid motion while moving.


The quadriceps as well as the hamstring muscles of your legs is always moving during a rowing workout. Your legs move to throw your body back when you start the pulling phase of the workout. After a good rowing workout, you will feel that your legs has been working hard.

Although rowing machines are not very popular choices in the gym, it doesn’t mean that they are not good workout equipment. Most people stick with rowing machines after trying it once because they find out that there is much effort needed to complete it. If you are bored with the usual equipments found in the gym, try a rowing machine and you will have a more fun and spontaneous experience that will help keep you in shape and achieve your weight loss goals in no time. If you like a treadmill better, you should check out Horizon T101, they make high quality exercise machines.