workoutTo actresses like Karine Vanesse, it’s very important to stay fit to land major roles and up their career. Staying fit doesn’t need to be a boring task that you don’t want to be doing at all. There are many ways to get creative in getting fit so that you can enjoy it and let time pass by without being tired. The most popular way to stay fit and lose weight is by enrolling yourself in a gym. Once you are enrolled in a gym, you will have a wide array of equipments to choose from. The most popular gym equipment is the treadmill. It’s one of the easiest exercise machine to use so good treadmill machines should be a top choice if you want to work out.

A rowing machine lets you have a low-impact workout and offers a great cardio workout as well as tones different muscles in the body. A study from the American College of Sports medicine, the exercise from rowing comes from when you use your lower and upper body muscles. A regular workout of rowing will help you develop your muscles and endurance in the major muscles of the body.


The back muscles are the most targeted part of the rowing machine. Specifically the rhomboids, trapezius and latissimus muscles. The first two work together to retract and stabilize the shoulder blades as you move. The latissimus muscle is one that plays a very important role in helping you bring your arm down when you do a power stroke like when you are swimming or rowing.


The area around the arm is very much used in rowing. The posterior deltoid muscles are used and worked on together with the back muscles for the rowing motion to be completed. Along with these major muscles, the biceps and forearms are also worked on in each rowing motion and arm flexing movement.


As long as you are using the proper rowing form, this means your core is engaged during the whole workout. The abdominal muscles are important in making powerful movements that rowing requires and is also the main component in keeping your upper and lower body complete a fluid motion while moving.


The quadriceps as well as the hamstring muscles of your legs is always moving during a rowing workout. Your legs move to throw your body back when you start the pulling phase of the workout. After a good rowing workout, you will feel that your legs has been working hard.

Although rowing machines are not very popular choices in the gym, it doesn’t mean that they are not good workout equipment. Most people stick with rowing machines after trying it once because they find out that there is much effort needed to complete it. If you are bored with the usual equipments found in the gym, try a rowing machine and you will have a more fun and spontaneous experience that will help keep you in shape and achieve your weight loss goals in no time. If you like a treadmill better, you should check out Horizon T101, they make high quality exercise machines.

karinNearly anyone can create a vintage dress but if you make an action plan, everything will be easier. Choosing the right pattern, material and style all help in successfully making a good quality vintage dress.

The first few tips are important even before you try to handle a pin. These will serve as your guideline as you plan every project that you will have. First, you need to identify your knowledge level in sewing. It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate sewer, helping to identify your skills will help narrow down the best pattern for you.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

If you are just starting to sew, you can choose a pattern that is vintage inspired of vintage replica pattern. If you are already knowledgeable about garment construction as well as general terms in sewing, then you can explore and try an authentic pattern. A class that includes step by step instructions is best for this type of sewing. During a class like this, you will also have the option of adding your own custom designs as you go. A good example of this is adding embroidery. It’s not as hard as it sounds since there are embroidery sewing machines that can help you make the task easier.

Consider the style of dress that suits you.

You need to know the kind of silhouette that you are comfortable with so you can choose faster and help you become successful in sewing. Once you know this information, you can start thinking about the kind of party or occasion you are going to wear your dress to. You have to know this because you will base the kind of material that you use depending on the occasion. Cotton fabrics are popular because they are washable and very comfortable to wear. If you want to use this material, try making a day dress with some stylish designs to do the trick. Know more about the best fabrics for different types of clothes.

If you want to make a classic wiggle dress, try using a better structured brocade fabric to make a great evening dress. Check the back of your pattern first for the best options for your fabric to use. If you are in doubt, go online and see what type of fabrics another sewer has used for the same dress.

Time management

Lastly, time management is very important in making your sewing career successful. If you have a deadline, keep it in mind as you pick your fabric and pattern. A dress with an intricate design that needs a fabric to match will most likely take up most of your time to make compared to a simple silhouette with great color. You will find that a sewing project becomes more successful when you have enough time to appreciate your work and feel proud. Having a trusty sewing machine will also help make the task easier.

With these tips, you will surely create a wonderful vintage dress that your client can wear in that special occasion. You are sure to capture that authentic vintage look that is absolutely classic and stunning. If you use these as your guide, you are sure to exceed your client’s and your expectation in the making of a truly wonderful piece that you will be proud of.

Is your kid interested in learning to sew? These are sturdy, simple yet powerful options. Is quilting perhaps the hobby you or your kid wants to learn? Check this:

One of the things I love about Karine Vanasse is she is such a go-getter. At the age of nine, she started her career of an actress with the help of her mother as her manager. As a family they worked together to work their way up the ladder of success in the entertainment industry.

I am no actress or singer and definitely not a dancer. However, when it comes to many things I like to do it myself to get it done. So when my air conditioner broke in my home, I did a little research on what I could change out myself and now today I am sitting in my cool home on a hot August day and writing what I did to fix the air conditioner myself and avoid the hefty costs of a repair man, just like Karine avoided the costs of a manager by working with her mother.

First thing to do before starting to break out the home repair tools are to check all circuit breakers that run to your AC unit in your main electric panel. Sometimes resetting your breakers is all you need to fix an electric problem related to your AC unit.

Next you need to check the filter in your AC unit. Changing an AC filter is easy to do but also very essential in order for you AC unit to stay running and filling your home with clean air. It is very common that the filters get filled with dust, dirt and grime because that is their job to trap all the particles we do not want to be breathing. All you need to do is locate where your filter is at in your home, pop off the cover using a screw driver and replace the paper like filter you find. You can buy a high quality filter for under $10 at any hardware store.

One of the last things to try is to replace your outside fuses for your AC unit. There are many Youtube videos that will show you how to do this quickly. Fuses are not very expensive and you can find them in any hardware store with the help of an associate. Always make sure ass breakers are turned off when doing any type of electrical work on your AC unit. While you are looking at your fuses and wiring look for any dangling or damaged wires. If you notice any bad wiring you may need to contact a professional.

Fixing your AC unit yourself is a great way to save money. If you have a repair man come out and fix these simple problems it can easily cost over $100. If you try these quick steps and still have an issue, the repair man can skip over these small tasks and look into bigger issues. Should you find yourself needing a new AC, you might want to read on different reviews and research on different AC products before making a purchase.

As a woman hunter, I have to be smart when buying my bows. When I look around the hunting and outdoor stores I see so many products geared to men and finding a recurve bow or other hunting products that work for me can be difficult. Without proper research it is easy to get lost in the world of draw weights, draw lengths and risers. I mean what does any of that mean? Well I did the research, checked online recurve bow reviews and now I’m here to tell my fellow Karine Vanasse fans how to choose the bow that will work for them.

  • Draw weight: In simple terms, draw weight is how much weight or force it takes to pull back the bow to shoot it. To keep good form and to have an accurate shot you must be able to comfortably pull back the draw string of your bow. Men can often use a bow with a draw weight of 75+ pounds, which is not an ideal weight for us woman.

So what draw weight do you need? This depends on your weight and your strength but here is a simple guide:

100-130 pound woman: 25-35 pound draw weight
130-160 pound woman: 30-40 pound draw weight
160-180+pound woman: 45-55 pound draw weight

  • Draw length: One you decide on your approximate draw weight you need to think about what length of bow you need. Draw length is the distance you can draw the bow back when shooting and depends strictly on your arm length.

To find your ideal draw length measure your arm span. To do this hold yours straight out from your sides and measure from fingertip to fingertip. Now divide this number by two and you have the perfect draw length for your recurve bow.

  • Riser: The riser refers to the shape of your recurve bow and really depends on what type of hunting you are going to be doing with your bow. The three types of shapes recurve bows come in are deflex, reflex and straight.

For indoor target practice, deflex risers are the preferred bow. They produce longer brace heights and shoot at faster speeds than the other shaped bows. The brace height refers to the distance between your hand grip on the bow and the draw string.

Reflex shaped bows have a shorter brace height and also produce great speed. A reflex riser is preferred by outdoor hunters. Straight bows are the most common riser shape and are a combination of reflex and deflex bows. Typically this bow is used by beginners in either outdoor or indoor archery.

Read on the best recurve bow for the money to learn more. Now you can walk into the store knowing exactly what type of recurve bow you need and blow those men away.

For a hunter like myself, finding the perfect bow is a necessity. The quality of my bow can change my day out in the woods from exciting and fun to stressful and miserable very easily. I need a bow that is fast and smooth when I shoot it so I can hit my target. It needs to be quiet enough to sneak up on close up prey. I want my bow to be durable and last through years of hunting trips and not drain my bank account when purchasing it.

After shopping for bows for many years, I have decided to make a list of features and things to look for in a bow before purchasing it. If you find a compound bow and it fits all of my criteria then I consider it a winner.

  1. Lightweight: The last thing you need to happen while out hunting for a few a days is to become fatigued from carrying around your compound bow. A bow that weighs about 7 pounds is considered lightweight but still durable. For females or children looking for a bow 4 pounds is an ideal weight.
  2. Easy to draw: This factor can vary on your strength, but you don’t need to prove your strength by carrying around a bow that few can even draw back to shoot. I like to look forward to shooting my bow, not feel like it is a dreaded workout. If you are a beginner you want a bow that doesn’t take too much strength to shoot as you should be focusing more on your aim and form.
  3. What it’s made of: Check what the bow you are looking into is made of and do some research on bows with that material. I have enjoyed my bows that are made from different types of aluminum. This material is strong and tend to not weigh much either.
  4. Read the reviews: Look through the reviews and look for comments about accuracy, people agreeing it is quiet and fast, and the quality. It is important to remember that an item doesn’t have to have all 5 star reviews to be a good product, there is a lot of personal preference that goes into finding the perfect bow.

Once you find some bows that fit this criteria it is a great idea to go to a hunting or outdoors store that has compound bows and look at them there. Find out the difference of a compound bow from a recurve bow as well. Usually these stores will let you pick them up and draw them back. You can’t feel how a compound bow feels in your arms by browsing online and with all the great bow options out there sometimes you just have to pick one up and see which one is the perfect fit.

juice pitchersIf you want the body and energy we all know and love of Karine Vanasse, it may be a good idea to add fresh juice into your diet. With juicing you can have multiple servings of fruit and veggies in one glass of delicious juice. Some people worry about tasting the vegetables in their juice but the natural sugar of the fruit sweetens the juice immensely. Fresh juice can be a great snack or meal replacement option for breakfast.

When looking to buy a juicer you will find many different price ranges and many different types of juicers. The first step to buying a juicer is to understand the types that are available and this is why we present to you “The Karine Vanasse Guide to Juicing.”

The main types of juicers you will run into will be masticating or cold pressed juicers, centrifugal juicers, triturating juicers, and citrus and wheatgrass juicers. And with this to the point guide, you will be able to decide what juicer is right for you and not be disappointed with your purchase.

If you have extra time to devote to making your juices in turn for more nutrients from your juice, a masticating juicer is the best choice for you. These types of juicers take longer to juice fruits and vegetables than other types of juicers but they will provide you with a more flavorful and nutrient dense juice.

Masticating juicers are also the best type of juicer to use with leafy green like spinach or kale. Adding greens into your juices is great if you do not enjoy salads or eating leafy greens raw typically, but still see the importance of having them in your diet. Learn about the top 3 masticating juicers in the market.

Maybe you are more of an on the go juicer, like Karine Vanasse, and need a juicer that will keep you on schedule and still full of delicious nutrients. Centrifugal juicers are the most common juicer on the market and are great for beginner juicers and people with busy lifestyles.

A centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed to turn the fruit or vegetable into a pulp and then squeeze the excess juice from the pulp. This means, you may end up with more waste than you would with other juicers. However, some people enjoy drinking the pulp with their juice or even cooking with it.

Looking for something with even more of a wow factor than the two juicers mentioned above? Triturating juicers are recommended for more advanced juicers, and take even more time to juice than masticating juicers. However, they provide the healthiest and most stable form of juice and leave minimal pulp behind.

A citrus juicer is for the lovers of a glass of orange juice and lemonade. Citrus juicers deliver you fresh, citrus juice without seeds and a separated pulp. They only do one job, but they do their job well. If you are not looking to create many juice recipes and just love citrus juice this is the option for you.

Lastly we have the wheat grass juicer, wheat grass does not make for a delicious juice to enjoy but is full of benefits for your digestion and will detoxify your body. Wheat grass juicers can also be used to juice similar texture grasses and greens. Find out more about different types of juicers by reading on reviews for juicer products.