How to Sew Classic Outfits Seen in Head in the Clouds

karinNearly anyone can create a vintage dress but if you make an action plan, everything will be easier. Choosing the right pattern, material and style all help in successfully making a good quality vintage dress.

The first few tips are important even before you try to handle a pin. These will serve as your guideline as you plan every project that you will have. First, you need to identify your knowledge level in sewing. It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate sewer, helping to identify your skills will help narrow down the best pattern for you.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

If you are just starting to sew, you can choose a pattern that is vintage inspired of vintage replica pattern. If you are already knowledgeable about garment construction as well as general terms in sewing, then you can explore and try an authentic pattern. A class that includes step by step instructions is best for this type of sewing. During a class like this, you will also have the option of adding your own custom designs as you go. A good example of this is adding embroidery. It’s not as hard as it sounds since there are embroidery sewing machines that can help you make the task easier.

Consider the style of dress that suits you.

You need to know the kind of silhouette that you are comfortable with so you can choose faster and help you become successful in sewing. Once you know this information, you can start thinking about the kind of party or occasion you are going to wear your dress to. You have to know this because you will base the kind of material that you use depending on the occasion. Cotton fabrics are popular because they are washable and very comfortable to wear. If you want to use this material, try making a day dress with some stylish designs to do the trick. Know more about the best fabrics for different types of clothes.

If you want to make a classic wiggle dress, try using a better structured brocade fabric to make a great evening dress. Check the back of your pattern first for the best options for your fabric to use. If you are in doubt, go online and see what type of fabrics another sewer has used for the same dress.

Time management

Lastly, time management is very important in making your sewing career successful. If you have a deadline, keep it in mind as you pick your fabric and pattern. A dress with an intricate design that needs a fabric to match will most likely take up most of your time to make compared to a simple silhouette with great color. You will find that a sewing project becomes more successful when you have enough time to appreciate your work and feel proud. Having a trusty sewing machine will also help make the task easier.

With these tips, you will surely create a wonderful vintage dress that your client can wear in that special occasion. You are sure to capture that authentic vintage look that is absolutely classic and stunning. If you use these as your guide, you are sure to exceed your client’s and your expectation in the making of a truly wonderful piece that you will be proud of.

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